How Easy Can Getting a Super Visa Insurance Be?

Having a visit from your parents can be made easy and also regular with super visa insurance. As it a federal issued policy which can be accessed through lenders and brokers by all. Thus with easy availability, all that is quite difficult is its application and approval. A good insurance broker can help you through the process with his expertise and regularity in Super Visa Insurance applications. There are a few main aspects to be concentrated on while applying for the policy. We shall discuss these points later below, before which you must know that both your parents and both your grandparents can be covered within a single policy, which means all the four of them can pay a visit multiple times, alone or together, on approval of the visa. Super Visa Insurance gives the applicants access to visit their children or grandchildren for up to 10 years depending on the policy, within which there can be multiple entries but the cumulative stay by the parents shall not exceed 24 months in all.

Invitation Letter and Financial Stability

These two factors are the core aspects of any Super Visa Insurance Application. An invitation letter has to be sent by the host to the parents or grandparents, a copy of which shall be attached to the application. The invitation shall clearly state the purpose of inviting and that you shall accommodate or provide for during their stay.

Medical Insurance and Medical Test

The Immigration Medical Exam as mandatory for any immigrant should be passed and also a medical insurance is to be secured. Here the medical insurance shall be availed only by a Canadian insurer and it should be valid for at least one year from the date of landing. The minimum coverage of the insurance should be $100,000. The IME can preferably be taken before the application for a quick process.

Country and Status of Visitors

The country from which the visitors arrive is also taken into consideration while evaluation a Super Visa Insurance application. It is required for the home country to be stable in terms of economic status and should have favorable international relations. The visitors are also required to be free from any criminal record and should display a positive status in the home country, so as to not misuse the Super Visa Insurance as a way to flee from the home country.