Do You Really Need Disability Insurance?

The sole purpose of any insurance is to help you reduce the distress during unforeseen unfortunate happenings. But are you well insured? We usually tend to cover most risks such as our demise, an asset loss and even our home. But all these, if lost, will simply cost you their value.

  • In case you are unable to pay the mortgage, your loss would be your home
  • In case you die, the loss will be an earning family member
  • In case you lose your asset, your loss will be the very asset alone
  • But if you become disabled, it would be a loss of an earning member as well as a liability of a newly disabled individual.

Hence Disability Insurance becomes more important than any other insurance you take, as you will not just be unable to resume normal life immediately, but will also add many medical bills and other necessities to your life style.

Why Wait a Unfortunate Event to realize the Uncertainty in Life? Get Your Disability Insured Today!

Benefits of Disability Insurance:

  • Helps Cover Your Halt in Income
  • Helps Cover Your Medical Bills
  • Helps Your Recovery be More Positive than Stressful
  • Helps Maintain Your Lifestyle even during your disabled period
  • Helps you cover your regular installments, such as your mortgage and utility payments.
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Are Disability Insurance Benefits Taxable?

Disability Insurances are sometimes taken by the employer and benefits on such policies are prone to be taxed. But in case you seek to buy disability insurance yourself and pay from your own income, then such benefit will be not be taxable. Hence during the time of your disability, your monthly income would be quite close to the money you are currently taking home.