What Does Super Visa Insurance Cover?

We all know that Super Visa Insurance is much beneficial than a general travel insurance in any ways. But are you aware of what exactly does Super Visa Insurance give us a cover of? What are the illustrative benefits of Choosing a Super Visa Insurance Plan?

Family Coverage:

Super Visa Insurance covers all the following medical and medical associated expenses for both parents and both gran- parents of the Canadian Host. Hence it is a family coverage policy and not an individual application.

Emergency Medical Attention Coverage:

Expenses related to emergency medical attention will be completely covered by the policy. Which ensures all expenses related to bringing a medical professional to cater to the situation is covered, ranging from transportation to the doctor fee.

Hospital Allowance:

Expenses incurred during the stay in any medical facility for the treatment of the covered patient will be fulfilled by the policy and will allow you to ignore the charges which would’ve been occurred in case of insurance less hospitalization.

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Dental Treatment Coverage:

All travel insurances have a dental coverage option as well, which is preferred by all. Any ache or in convenience in the mouth can be easily conveyed and consulted far even now on vacation. Simple aches such as growing of wisdom tooth, or biting a wrong fruit, or having a small fall has let to disrupting and spoiling an entire vacation for the ones without dental insurance.

Expenses on Death for covered Medical Conditions:

All expenses pertaining to the death of the insured will be liable by the insurance claim, in case of any such unfortunate event during the travel.

Expenses for Returning Home:

Sometimes a few treatments are better to be done in the home country, which would require the visitors to return back, buying an immediate ticket. This might cost you much more than anticipated too.