Super Visa Insurance for Parents

Having your parents visit you in a foreign country definitely makes it feel more like home! Super Visa Insurance can help you complete your application and meet them faster!

The super visa is a scheme that allows you to bring your parents to Canada for a period of two years or less without having to renew their visa. It allows the process to be much simpler and calls for a better and faster approval system.

One of the requirements of the super visa process is getting the super visa insurance. This is a necessary measure imposed by the government to ensure availability of funds in times of medical or other emergencies which might befall the visiting parents.

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What are the requirements for super visa insurance for parents?
  • It should cover a minimum of $100,000
  • Should be valid for one year
  • Should cover medical, hospital and other health related expenses

These are a few things to check off your list when applying for medical insurance for super visa.

What should you keep in mind while hunting for plans?

The super visa insurance process for parents is very similar to searching for any other insurance plan. But there are things which can help you save money as well as get a more customized plan for your parents.

  • Get a quote from multiple insurers
  • Consider your add-ons or riders
  • Cover what is actually necessary
  • Consider getting a higher deductible

The first thing to remember while getting a super visa insurance plan is comparing the rates. Get a quote from multiple lenders and find the best suited one for yourself. But remember that rates are not the only thing that matter.

Riders and add-ons can actually help you save money in the long run. Look through the options and consider them. Similarly cut out the diseases you know you don’t need protection against. Higher deductibles are a gamble. If your parents are planning a short stay this might help you save money.

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